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Winning firm AllianceMembers of the Winning Firm Alliance work with professional service firms to help transform their performance.

The Thriving Company Limited (TTCL) serves firms who are looking to grow profitably

By providing firms with client research that gives clear insight into what their clients and markets need – both now and in the future – they help ensure that business and marketing strategies are grounded in reality and will achieve success.  They help firms identify specific opportunities to grow business with clients. They also identify client relationships at risk, together with clear recommendations on how to reduce that risk and retain the client.

TTCL specialises in helping business to business, professional services, and financial services clients.  For more information, contact Robin Dicks on 07940 886677 or visit

O" consultingO” Consulting is a business improvement consultancy working primarily through the development of people. We focus on helping law firms and other businesses successfully improve their management and leadership skills, increase the personal impact of their people and resolve underlying psychological issues limiting performance potential. O” works closely with Peter Scott Consulting to help law firms and other professional organisations identify and resolve their ‘people’ issues with the aim of improving performance and increasing profit.

Contact: Philip Perry or Robin Johnson on 0845 260 7700.


Phill Gott - is a trainer and consultant, specialising in people and performance in professional service firms. His clients include international and “magic circle” law firms, and several mid-sized firms as well as a number of top 20 accountancy practices.

+44 (0)1908 551285

John Bowling - website design and development, specialising in affordable database-driven sites.