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Awareness and education throughout law firms in relation to compliance and the management of risk is essential. Managing risk and compliance need to be embedded into the culture of law firms and be lived on a daily basis.

In response to increasing requests for compliance advice from clients following the introduction of OFR on 6 October 2011, Damon Swindell of Lawrisk Limited and I provide under the Lawrisk banner a Code of Conduct compliance service to law firms.

Our compliance service covers all aspects of SRA Code of Conduct compliance including:

How much will our compliance service cost?

We design our services to meet the specific compliance needs of our clients, including tailoring our services

Once we are able to fully understand a client’s compliance needs, we can provide a competitive and value for money quotation.

Professional Firm Risks

Help with compliance

If you would like to know more about how we can help you manage more effectively your compliance risks, then please choose your compliance needs in the table below and return to us. We will then arrange to meet with you at your offices to discuss in detail your specific compliance needs.

We would like help and advice on:

Training and Support for our COLP
Developing and implementing our Compliance Plan
Bespoke training for our people
Financial stability support
Compliance review programme
Compliance due diligence on merger
Code of conduct updates

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Help with compliance