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Below are the presentations I have made recently at conferences and other events.

Conference Presentation (pdf or ppt)
Surrey Law Society
5 October 2016
Continuing Competence is coming
MBL Compliance and Regulatory Conference
10 December 2015
Current risk and compliance priorities for law firms
MBL Sole Practitioners – Practice and Profitability Conference 2014
9 December 2014
Improving your finance
Succession Planning for sole practitioners
Resources – Key to survival and competitiveness as a sole practitioner
MBL Compliance and Regulatory Conference 2014
3 December 2014
Good Financial Management is Mandatory!
MBL Business Development Conference for Professionals
1 October 2014
Partner reward – a help or a hindrance to effective business development?
Barclays Bank, Richmond
21 May 2014
Developing successful succession planning strategies – to be competitive
MBL Limited Liability Partnerships Conference 2013
12 December 2013
Operational compliance - Key to the successful use of an LLP
MBL Compliance and Regulatory Conference 2013
5 December 2013
The regulatory requirement for law firms to maintain financial stability
Conflicts for COLPs and COFAs
Lexis Nexis Risk and Compliance Conference
28 November 2013
The impact of competition and consumer choice for law firms
CLT Financial Stability for Law Firms Conference
21 October 2013
Sound financial management is now mandatory
CLT Compliance and the role of the COLP and COFA Conference 2013
5 June 2013
Effective identification and management of compliance risks
Mercia Solicitors Conference 2013
23 May 2013
Financial stability - an opportunity for accountants
CLT 2013 LLP and Partnership Conference
30 April 2013
Developing a partner reward strategy
The Managing Partner Remuneration and reward strategies for law firms conference
14 March 2013
Designing meaningful career paths - to take account of changes in the structures of law firms
Tikit TFB National User Conference 2012
22-23 November 2012
Financial stability – measure what matters
CLT Risk and Compliance under OFR Conference
27 September 2012
How to meet the 'Financial Stability Outcomes' in the Code
How to put a compliance plan in place
Clydesdale / Yorkshire Bank – Members Teleconference
29 June 2012
OFR and compliance in practice
Lecture to members of Essex Law Society at the University of Essex
16 May 2012
How to approach Outcomes Focused Regulation and the new Code of Conduct
ManagingPartner COLP & COFA conference, London
19 April 2012
First 100 days as COLP and COFA
University of Hertfordshire / Hertfordshire Law Society
29 February 2012
The roles and responsibilities of the COLP and COFA
UK 200 Group
23 February 2012
Managing the merger process
Liverpool Law Society Management Conference
8 February 2012
Why consider consolidation?
CLT Risk and Compliance under OFR conference
24 January 2012
How to achieve financial stability under OFR
TikitTFB National User Group Conference 2011
25 November 2011
Systemise your compliance management
Crowe Clark Whitehill seminar
11 November 2011
How to be an effective COLP
The Bond Solon Expert Witness Conference
11 November 2011
Business skills for experts in the light of Jones V Kaney
CLT conference - Options for solicitors - partnerships in times of change
21 October 2011
What makes a successful merger
Challenges for law firms
Association of Partnership Practitioners in Manchester
15 September 2011
Developing a partner reward strategy – to build competitive advantage
Association of Partnership Practitioners workshop held in Manchester
15 September 2011
Partner remuneration
MSI Global European Conference in Helsinki
13 / 14 May 2011
A post-recession management strategy
Conscious Solutions Client Conference
12 May 2011
ABS – Big Bang or Big Whimper?
Mercia Solicitors Conference
4 May 2011
ABS – the way forward for accountants?
Law firms – are accountants making the most of this under-developed market?
Clients of Clydesdale Bank
13 April 2011
Measure and Report what matters
University of Hertfordshire
13 April 2011
Profitability, commercial awareness, risk management and compliance
Webinar for CLT Conference
April 2011
Preventing client leakage
Time is Money – essential lessons for lawyers Conference
January 2011
Why time recording is so important
Keynote Speech to the TikitTFB National User Group Conference
December 2010
Preparing for Clementi - are you ready to compete?
The CLT Solicitors’ Professional Conduct Conference 2010
September 2010
Systemize your compliance and risk management
3 March 2010
Repositioning your law firm to take advantage of the challenging times ahead
Liverpool law Society Management Conference
11 February 2010
Building Higher Performance in Tomorrow’s Law Firm: The Role of the 360 Degree Appraisal
Clydesdale Bank
28 October 2009
Building for the future
Liverpool Law Society's Wirral Road Show
17 September 2009
Merging law firms – the essentials for success
A Marsh and Barclays Commercial Seminar – 'How risk management can influence PI premiums – Myths Vs Facts'
6 August 2009
Implementing an effective risk management strategy in a law firm
2009 International Meeting of State Capital Group Members - Prague, Czech Republic
18 June 2009
Building for the future - to compete in a post-recessionary world
CLT conference
24 April 2009
Managing client risks in difficult times
Seminar at the University of Hertfordshire
22 April 2009
Building for the future
Law and IT
11 March 2009
How to maximize your benefit from the technology you already have
The Lawyer
19 January 2009
The Lawyer Alliancing Masterclass – workshop facilitated by Peter Scott and Rob Millard of Edge Inte
LawGroupUK conference on the Future of Legal Practice
19 November 2008
Alliance and creating value – a brave new world
Career Communications conference on People in professional service firms, Bucharest, Romania
27 May 2008
The good, the bad and the downright ugly
CLT conference - Financial and Resource Management for Law Firms April 2008
28 April 2008
Merging professional partnerships
Hertfordshire Law Society in association with the University of Hertfordshire’s School of Law
19 Feb 2008
Managing the expectations of clients and colleagues with a view to maximizing profitability
Barclays Barnet and Hampstead 3rd Annual Solicitors Seminar
13 Nov 2007
A land of opportunities
CLT conferences – Maximising Partner Capital Values
6 Nov 2007
Building Capital Values
CLT conferences – Sharing Partnership Profits
13 Sept 2007
A partner by any other name
Why change is necessary
Managing Change
19 June 2007
CLT managing change
Developing a clear and realistic medium to long term strategy for each legal service type – Managing Partner magazine’s ‘Surviving and thriving in the wake of legal services reforms'
24 May 2007
Developing a clear and realistic strategy
Managing Working Capital – CLT ‘High level financial Performance for law firms’ conference
22 May 2007
CLT cash flow presentation
CLT Conferences – Managing and Marketing a Profitable Private Client Practice
6 March 2007
What makes a Private Client Department Profitable?
White Paper Conferences – Aggressive Client Acquisition and Retention Strategies
3 November 2006
Adding Value Clients Really Care about
Strengthening your credibility and influence as a marketer
CLT Conferences – Making Money out of Civil Litigation
23 October 2006
Tackling Underperformance
Ark Group Conferences – Maximizing Profitability and Driving Efficiency in an increasingly competitive market
Amsterdam 11 October 2006
Effective People and Productivity Management
LawNet – New Partner Development Programme
19 September 2006
Roles and Responsibilities of a Partner
University of Hertfordshire
7 June 2006
How to improve cash flow and profitability
CLT Conferences – Strategic Planning for Law Firms
10 December 2004
Implementing an effective risk management strategy
Partners and succession planning
Driving Implementation – how to meet deadlines and accomplish agreed strategies
CLT Conferences – Leadership in Law Firms
What does it take to be the leader of a law firm today?